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Through trainings, technical assistance, workshops, strategic planning services and multi-issue community outreach support, Access Change Facilitator, Sebastian Margaret, builds capacity, vitality, leadership and accountability for service providers, conferences, foundations and movements.

Sebastian Margaret is a long time community educator, a skilled facilitator, experienced consultant, strategic planner, and multi-issue capacity builder.

He offers a variety of introductory, intermediate and advance level trainings for staff, boards, constituents, volunteers, students,community members and conference attendees across a range of cross identity anti-oppression and community education issues.

Richly informed by a working/welfare class perspective, Sebastian roots his work in racial, class, gender, sexuality and immigration justice and works to be in solidarity with indigenous and Sovereignty struggles.

Committed to building self-determination, inclusion, leadership and vibrancy within Disability communities, Sebastian continues to encourage, cajole and insist that anti-ableism be embedded into service provision, community organizing and movements: and seeks to nurture multi-issue capacity into the heart of the Disability Rights movement. He is a co-founder and co-coordinator of the Disability Justice Collective, a national seed collective centering leadership of disabled, people of color,Trans* and poverty class folks that strives to break isolation and end the marginalization of disabled people and our communities

Sebastian is particularly invested in collaborating with service provision, educational settings, community work and grassroots organizing whose missions and programs are driven by the voices, and lived experiences of those living at the margins and in cracks of our communities.


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