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Arts of Nature 1Arts of Nature works to re-establish a balanced interchange with the natural world, both in individuals and communities. Through immersive nature education and celebratory arts, Arts of Nature nourishes our interbeing and cultivates a reciprocal relationship with the earth. Our programs promote health and well-being, foster environmental leadership, build community and contribute to social, cultural and economic change from the root level up.

Arts of Nature takes a very different and creative approach to ‘environmental education’: we cultivate a participatory relationship with the land “from the inside out”. We move as trackers and scouts, interpret different bird calls, listen to shifts in the wind, enjoy the wealth of medicine that plants afford us with and read stories in tracks and sign left by animals of all kind. Participants readily sink into the ancient ways by which we humans have connected for centuries with the natural world. As a result, they grow deeply personal, joyous and lasting relationships with the more-than-human natural world.

Arts of Nature has outdoor programming for all ages, with new programs being added and additional educators joining our team every year.

Between 20 and 50% of the participants in the immersive nature education programs for Youth come from low-income families. 30% of these children do not fit in any traditional school setting because of bullying problems, ADD/ADHD issues, dyslexia and/or other different learning abilities. Arts of Nature has an 80% student retention rate in its Youth Programs and consistently enrolls homeschooling youth and siblings of previously enrolled children. The programs for homeschooling youth take place once a week over the course of nine months. Other youth participate in weekend programs and/or summer camps.

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