Between Here & There

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Between Here and There, a commission from Dance City (UK) and The Stockton International Arts Festival, is the first phase of a long-term project exploring notions of home, transition, migration and displacement based in the Stockton area.  This piece, developed over 10 days, is the initial framework of a longer term commitment by the company. The piece is the result of a collaboration between The Fathom Project, artistic director and composer Molly Sturges, a range of singers from both Stockton and Newcastle, and Stockton community members. Based upon conversations with people who have experienced, or are experiencing, what it is to be without a home, conversations with homeless service providers and the artists, this work begins to ask a series of questions which inform the creative response. Themes such as rejection and belonging have emerged as central areas of inquiry. This piece is constructed from a series of improvisational structures specifically developed for this material, this group of performers and the performance space. Investigations into the relationship between vocalizing and moving has been central to our creative work together.




A collaboration between Molly Sturges and The Fathom Project. First commissioned in 2008 by The Stockton Riverside International Arts Festival and Dance City (UK).  Touring version built in 2009.