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Chrissie OrrChrissie Orr was born in Scotland, a descendant of the Picts (the painted ones) She is an artist, animateur and creative investigator focused on developing “a relational aesthetic around community and site with issues relevant to both.” Orr has created innovative, challenging community based art projects in diverse areas of the world and is recognized internationally for her pioneering work. She is the recipient of the Santa Fe Mayors Award for Excellence in the Arts and she is a founder of the SeedBroadcast Collective. She leads the Academy for the Love of Learning’s EL Otro Lado Project. She has kept a journal for more years than she can remember, their broken worn spines line her bookshelves and contain her secret memory lines. One day she might share these.


I find it hard to stand still. My most inspired times are when moving, its then I find the stillness. I live in a land that is not home, I laugh in another language and I run another path.