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The Disability Justice Collective (DJC) is a national collective centering the lives and leadership of disabled people of color, Trans*, queer, poverty class folks and all brilliance from the margins.

DJC – scope of work

The DJC works to create genuine inclusion, accessibility, respect, and connection.
As a collective we prioritize leadership and direction from those of us who live in the cracks and at the margins of all our communities. Specifically disabled* queers and Trans*, people of color, and poverty class folks.

What we believe

DJC photoWe celebrate the magnificence and validity of our imperfect bodies and minds. We are clear that our lived experience, skill sets and resistance are vital parts of all social justice movements and communities.

We believe accountability to each other and our communities is essential. We believe that Disability Justice builds upon the work of the Disability Rights Movement and seek to transform it in order to build our communities’ self- and collective- determinations, visibility, and vibrancy. We invest in interdependency to care for each other. We seek to increase disabled* people’s access to basic resources. We are working toward our communities’ liberation.

What we do

We use political education, cultural work, collaboration, technical assistance and training to end the alienation experienced by disabled people* within Disability Rights and LBGTQI spaces, service provision, and social justice movements.

We build the capacity of grassroots organizations and service providers to integrate Disability Justice politics into their values and anti –Ableism into their practices

*When we speak of disability, we are celebrating the brilliance and vitality of our imperfect bodies and minds. We acknowledge diversity within our communities and the groups of people who are impacted by Ableism in negative ways. The DJC welcomes people regardless of whether their disability or difference is invisible or visible, identified or perceived as disability or not. This includes people who identify as Disabled, Deaf, Chronically ill, Mad and much, much MORE!

If you’re interested in the work of DJC, please contact Sebastian at accesschange7@gmail.com or Eli at eli@eliclare.com

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