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Littleglobe and our Non-Violent Communication training partner, Comienzos created Inside/Outside, a film and re-entry pilot program with former inmates in Albuquerque’s Metropolitan Detention Center. Inside/Outside collaboratively tells the stories of the challenges former inmates face as they make their way back society post release.

The first phase of the project culminated in the creation of an interactive website for community members to explore the early stories of the collaborating participants as they struggle to with addiction, the roots of violence and family history – underscoring the fundamental need for community and structural support for those looking to reform and reclaim their lives after incarceration:

Inside/Outside 20min cut (March 2014) from Littleglobe, Inc on Vimeo.


The collaborative creation of interactive videos with current and former inmates of the Metropolitan Detention Center in Albuquerque provides tools to empower inmates to bring forward their personal stories, showing the human face behind the numbers of New Mexico’s high rates of recidivism.

Created in collaboration with MDC, Comienzos, Optum/OptumHealth and NMPBS.