Mark Chino Documentary

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Mark Chino is a 15-year old student from the Santa Ana Pueblo (Tamaya) in New Mexico who attends Bernalillo High School. This seven-minute “Mini-Doc” follows Mark in his daily life bridging these two worlds: his rural Tribal community which provides him with a unique sense of self, the Keres language and a broad set of community responsibilities (tending fields, preparing for dances), and in contrast, the many expectations, conflicting ethics and duties as a student within the US Public School system. This film brings forward the challenges Native students like Mark face in today’s world, and the power and necessity of a web of support provided by family, school and community.

This film was created for WNET/American Graduate

Directed, shot and edited by Michael Lorenzo Lopez
Produced by Chris Jonas
Co-produced by NMPBS/KNME and Littleglobe, Inc. for WNET / American Graduate
Special thanks to the Pueblo of Santa Ana/Tamaya and Bernalillo High School