Michael Lopez

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MICHAEL LORENZO LOPEZ, co-founder of Vecinos artist collective, is an educator and collaborator with Friends of the Orphan Signs, an arts initiative, and a media coordinator / producer with Arts of Atzlan.

Seeing art and education as a dynamic cross-disciplinary process, Michael is interested in the intersection of art media education and social justice. Working internationally, Michael has studied popular education in Nicaragua working with Americas Association for the Care of Children to build a school; volunteered in Parismina, Costa Rica with Asociacion Salvemos Las Tortugas de Parismina (ASTOP) on a community wildlife preservation project; was an artist assistant for Working Classroom’s inaugural art program in Puebla, Mexico; and cofounded and taught a youth leadership and permaculture program, Hacia el Futuro (Toward the Future), in Malinalco, Mexico.

Website: http://frameframe.wordpress.com/page/2/