Santa Fe Bus Opera

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Littleglobe, in collaboration with Santa Fe residents and a wide range of civic partners, created a short performance/opera that premiered on Santa Fe city buses in October of 2010.   The Littleglobe bus opera explored the real and imagined stories, interactions, and personal dreamscapes of Santa Feans, comprising a vibrant and collaborative “story” about the capital city and its people.


The city bus as a performance space was an essential component of the opera.  The route weaved through neighborhoods that differ economically, racially and culturally, cutting across invisible lines that sometimes prevent Santa Feans from knowing one another.  The moving bus also made for a highly unusual audience experience.  At the end of the performance, audience members were invited for food and facilitated dialogue.


The bus opera creative team included Molly Sturges, Acushla Bastible, Valerie Martínez, Chris Jonas, Erin Hudson, Kevin Berriz, Dylan McLaughlin, Robby Rothschild, Andrea Walters (Santa Fe Opera), and a wide range of community members who contributed to the creation of the performance.


Our project partners included the City of Santa Fe, the Santa Fe Trails Bus System, the Santa Fe Opera, and Santa Fe Convention & Visitors Bureau.


Funders included the MAP Fund, Black Rock Arts, New Mexico Arts (a division of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs), City of Santa Fe Arts Commission (1% Lodgers Tax Fund) and UNM.

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