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Stories of Learning is a state-wide multi-year program with the Learning Alliance New Mexico, working with students, teachers, administrators and families to explore the more personal side of the NM public school system. Filmmaking and personal narrative workshops generate interviews and short films that are then used in community screenings for dialog about educational policy.

This program has engaged audiences and community members via an educational town hall on NMPBS, to the National Association of Multicultural Educators Conference 2015, and in engagements in the New Mexican communities of Deming, Estancia, Bernalillo, Albuquerque, Los Lunas, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces/Anthony.

The Stories of Learning project has helped the Learning Alliance convene and build a statewide network of engaged and informed parents, students, and other everyday New Mexicans that will work toward meaningful educational transformation in the state.

With partners UNM School of Education, NMPBS/KNME, United Way’s Rural Councils, Mission Graduate. Stories of Learning facilitation team: Ian Esquibel (Learning Alliance), Chris Jonas, Michelle Otero, Chrissie Orr, Hakim Bellamy and Michael Lorenzo Lopez.