Over 200 artists have been engaged in Littleglobe projects. Nearly 3000 children, youth, adults and elders have participated in Littleglobe community and transmedia projects. More than 25,000 audience members in 100 locations have experienced art, stories, and performances co-created by community members and Littleglobe. Over 4 million PBS and public radio viewers and listeners have tuned into Littleglobe transmedia stories.

Art. Community. Storytelling.
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Art Across Boundaries

Art Creating Community

what we do

LITTLEGLOBE is a New Mexico-based non-profit which consists of artists, facilitators, activists, and cultural workers committed to the practice of socially-engaged, participatory art that galvanizes individual and collective voices, activates empathy, and leads to personal and community agency.
We are committed to interdisciplinary, collaborative art projects and we partner with local, national and international communities to create rigorous artistic works that create meaningful relationships, empower individuals and communities, and reflect the power of our social imagination.