Memory Lines Santa Fe 2007LITTLEGLOBE is committed to interdisciplinary, collaborative art projects that foster life-affirming connections across the boundaries that divide us. Littleglobe partners with local, national and international communities to create rigorous artistic works that create meaningful relationships, empower individuals and communities, and reflect the power of our social imagination .

Large-Scale Community Engagement/Art Projects. The Littleglobe artistic team collaborates with diverse communities (children, youth, adults, elders, families, schools and other local organizations) on large-scale creative engagement projects. Each project involves months of collaborative work that enables participants to share and witness individual and collective perspectives, experiences, and stories as well as produce community-inspired works of art, installation and performance. Littleglobe then continues to partner with communities to facilitate and nurture continuing dialogue, engagement, development, and leadership projects. Littleglobe has witnessed the emerging capacities of individuals and communities that practice inclusion—regardless of age, position, power and privilege—in a atmosphere of dignity and mutual respect.

Smaller Collaborations:  Littleglobe also supports smaller collaborative projects created and produced by its core artists.  These projects vary in scope and emphasis, depending on the artists’ vision. Smaller collaborations are always in keeping with Littleglobe’s mission and values and reflect the artistic experimentation and rigor that distinguish all Littleglobe work. .


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The Littleglobe Board of Directors

Miguel Grunstein: Filmmaker, originally from Mexico City and a New Mexico resident for nearly thirty years. Miguel has produced and directed numerous award winning documentaries, music videos and commercials with national and global distribution. A founder of Santa Fe’s Desert Academy, he served on its board of directors for ten years. A participating member of the Community Building Institute of the Sol y Sombra Foundation, he has also served as a trustee of the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation. (President)
Talia KoshTalia Kosh: Attorney, The Bennett Law Group (entertainment, intellectual property and non profit law); President and Founder, NM Lawyers for the Arts. Former Chair IP Section of New Mexico Bar. Former Board member of Warehouse 21, Creative Santa Fe, Intermezzo (Santa Fe Opera) and Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship. (Vice President)
Veena Vasista bwVeena Vasista: Originally from Chicago, Veena moved to Santa Fe in 2013 after twenty years of living in England. Her work has focused on mainstreaming human rights into social policy. Since 2010, she has been working as a freelance writer, facilitator and mediator. She is a Trustee of the newly founded London-based education charity Journey to Justice. (Secretary)
Heidi RogersbwHeidi H. Rogers: (DNP, FNP-C): Former Board President Comienzos, non-violent communication program provider, Metropolitan Detention Center, Albuquerque. Program Liaison, "Inside/Outside" Project. Assistant Professor, UNM Nursing School. Albuquerque native. (Treasurer)
Mario Martinez: a young Northern New Mexican filmmaker, photographer, and creative. His focus is on advocating for free speech and expression through all forms of media. Martinez's journey has only started and will expand rapidly.
Conner Adams: Originally from Dallas, Conner Adams received his Masters in higher education with a focus on social justice from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Connor is major gift officer and Director of Development at the University of New Mexico College of Nursing.

Littleglobe Operations

CJ pic BWChris Jonas: Littleglobe's Executive Director. As an artist, a program director and co-founder of Littleglobe, Chris brings with him the passion and commitment for Littleglobe's comprehensive and generative lineup of projects. Chris's leadership skills and acumen are ideal as Littleglobe continues our statewide projects serving vulnerable youth, urban and rural communities, Native populations, institutionalized communities (i.e. schools) and the general public, as well as several large-scale projects of national scope.


Littleglobe Projects Selected 2007-11 from Littleglobe, Inc on Vimeo.



create safety / collaborate / listen / ask questions / sing / take risks / resist easy answers / dance / nurture relationships / grow connections / offer space/ draw / cry / make and share/ facilitate / witness / explore / practice compassion / write / respect the uniqueness of each individual / respect the uniqueness of each community / make movies / foster dialogue / witness / play instruments / recognize our dignity / laugh / cross boundaries / breathe / surprise / try to be honest / sculpt / eat together / trust ourselves / follow and learn/ trust each other / reach beyond preconceptions / encourage the telling of stories / reach beyond stereotypes / embrace complexities / connect / integrate / create, create, create